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palletWatercolour Painting Group
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    Sandbridge Painters
3333 South Main St. Penticton B.C. Canada  V2A  8J8

Sandbridge Painters Spring Show at Leir House Penticton May 27 2010
Sandbridge Painters at Spring Show Opening
At Leir House, May 27th, 2010
See Poster for their Show

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Marlene's Painting of Red Tea Pot


Kit's Flowers


French Stairs


golf course

Sheila Cater

Deena's Merganser

Verla's Ducks

Elaine's birds

Deer in Snow

Giants Head


 Sandbridge Spring Show May 20-June27, 2010
Thank you Penticton Arts Council and Sharon for making this Happen!
Angie Hanging Show at Leir House
Angie Hanging Leir House Show

Into Lounge
In the Lounge

In the Boardroom
In the Boardroom
In the Lounge
In boardroom
In the Lounge
The Gang-Sandbridge painters 2010
The Gang
Some of the Ladies
Some of the Ladies and Friends
A painting by Angie
Another piece
David's Painting
Water Wheel
Some of Colin's
Some of Colin's Works
Angie's formal Garden at Royal Rhodes
Formal Garden at Royal Rhodes
Cottage by David
Thatched Cottage by David
Angie's Balsamroot in Acrylic
Balsamroot by Angie
  Geese flying by Verla
Quiet landscape
Quiet scene by Elaine
Sheila's Yellow Rose
Sheila's Yellow Rose
More Work in Lobby
Left Verla's and Rt is David's
Verla's Flower
Verla's Flowers
Light House
Enjoying food
Enjoying Snacks
David's Tuscany
Tuscan scene by David
Hanging in Boardroom
Several Pieces
Marlene's work in Boardroom
Some of Marlene and Kit's Work

The Sandbridge painting group has been meeting at their clubhouse in Penticton to paint for the last ten years.  About five years ago, watercolour artist Bernie Cattani kindly took over the leadership of the group. While most  of the group were amateur seniors who had never painted before, under the tutelage of Mr. Cattani, the group flourished, learning the techniques of watercolours, producing a variety of lovely works ranging from florals to landscapes, and animals to cottages.  Bernie provided inspiration and motivating critiques and now Angie Roth McIntosh is delighted to be out painting with the group and hopes that they will enjoy doing some new work.
The group presently have around 10 members who meet one afternoon a week from October to May.  The group is most enthusiastic about their art and are quite prolific.  The group has previously held an exhibit each fall that was open to the public.  On May 27 of 2010 the held their first serious show  at Leir House and it ran until June 27th.  The works were many and varied and show the wonderful pieces that the group are capable of.  Visitors to the opening had a lovely evening.

The motto of the group is that "Art is For Everyone" and they serve as an inspiration to all who have ever desired to take up the fine art of painting.  

Angie McIntosh, creator of WorldArtTours.net, was originally invited to come and speak to the group.  She planned to attend their painting sessions so that she too might learn some of the secrets of their successful approach to watercolours.   Since the fall of 2006 Angie has been leading the group and has found them to be a constant source motivation and inspiration.  She is pleased to include them in the "Artists Groups" of  WorldArtTours.net. 
Group in 2007
Group in 2007
Bernie at Work
Group in 2008
The Group 2006
Spring 2008 Sandbridge Open House Show
Display of Angie's Works Sandbridge Painters 2008 More Library Display

Spring 2006 Pictures
Man of Birds
David at work
Two Guys Painting
 Kevin and David
Painter in Pink Top
Verla at work
Three Gals
Kit, Deena, and Grace
Two Gals
Kit and Sheila
More Ladies
Three of the Ladies
Relaxing after work
  End of Year Celebration
Group Members
Painting in Clubhouse
Bernie doing Critique
Bernie doing Critique
Bernie at Work
Bernie at work
People in Blue
  Joanne and Kevin
Yellow Jacket
Deena in Yellow

Fall Session 2006 Christmas Luncheon
Angie with the group
Angie with group at Christmas time
Jo-Anne and Grace
  Jo-Anne and Grace
Three Gals
Kit, Deena, and Grace
Cathie, Sheila, and Verla
Cathie, Sheila, and Verla
David and Grace
David, and Grace
Kit, David, and Jo-Anne
Kit, David, and Jo-Anne
David, Joanne, and Grace
David, Jo-Anne, and Grace
Kevin, Elaine, Cathie, and Sheila
Three Gals
Verla, Deena, and Kit
Cathie working
New member Cathie at work
David back at work
David at work again
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