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Munsons Mountain PentictonPenticton Claybanks on Okanagan LakeRocks above Skaha Lake
Artists Submit Penticton Images *UPDATE*
Any Artists wishing to submit original images to the
Penticton100 Gallery are asked to e-mail
images from 50-300KB with Title, medium, their name and contact information (website or e-mail)to angiemcintosh@shaw.ca
N.B.Artists who don't have a website may get a website here for a local Penticton artists special discounted price--contact Angie.
N.B.Local south Okanagan artists who have studios open to the public are asked to contact Angie if you wish to be part of a free South Okanagan studio tour network.

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Penticton En Plein Air--Inspiration for 100 Years
An event that is part of the centennial exhibit
"Renaissance People In A Renaissance Town ~ celebrating 100 Years of Creativity in Penticton",
 at the Penticton Museum and Archives
For more information about Penticton's Centennial see http://www.penticton.ca/centennial/index.htm

Please Note:  Artists may still submit images they have painted of  Penticton and they will be added to the Penticton100 gallery even if they weren't completed en plein air or by our initial deadlines as this is an ongoing Centennial project!  Let's all see how Penticton has inspired us!

Artists are asked to join together to find their most inspiring location in Penticton
and to get out and create a piece of art en plein air that reflects their feelings for this great town.
They are then asked to submit the image to the Penticton100 web gallery at www.WorldArtTours.net and participate in the Open Studio Tour at the Penticton Museum and Archive

Penticton artist, Angie Roth McIntosh will place digital images of art reflecting inspiring painting locations in Penticton in this celebratory Penticton100 Gallery. This will allow viewers from around world to see the creativity of our local artists and the beauty of our community.  Artists participating in this event are also requested to join in the South Okanagan Open Studio Tours being held 10 AM-5 PM Friday and Saturday July 25, 26 at the Penticton Museum.  Visual artists are asked to paint during the time that they are participating in the Open Studio Tours.

Requirements for All Artists to Participate in the Penticton En Plein Air--Inspiration for 100 Years Event
1.Some artists found a location to paint around Penticton--Angie went to the Sicamous site on Thursday July 10th, 2008. E-mail her or phone her 809-7932 if you would like to go out and paint with her group.  Link up with your artists friends and paint all over town--the more locations the better.  If you can't make it that day, paint when it is convenient.  But you must have image available to Angie by July 20th or July 21st to be included in the initial opening of the web gallery.  If you are unable to complete a new painting on location on time please still submit an image of one of your paintings of Penticton to be included in the Penticton100 web gallery at a future date.
2.The image of the painting should be 100-300kb with the painting title, medium, artist, and artist contact information included.  It should be e-mailed to Angie by July 20th.  Please note your preference to the type of Artist contact information  to be included on the website.  This could be a link to your website or gallery representation, your e-mail, or your phone number if you are not in the digitial age.  Please indicate if you do not want any contact information included on the public website.   If you don't have digital capabilities then you could drop a good quality photo of your work and the same information off to the Okanagan School of the Arts office.  Any images or information received late will not be included in the initial opening of the Penticton100 web gallery but MAY be added in the future.
3.Artists are invited to display their original painting at the museum on July 25th and 26th while they paint in the Open Studio exhibit at the museum BUT must contact the Okanagan School of the Arts to register their participation for this event--if you've ever wanted to paint at or inside the museum this is your opportunity!!  This is a wonderful free event with the opportunity to showcase and sell your work while you are painting at the museum complex--a very special creative day!  DETAILS FROM THE OKANAGAN SCHOOL OF THE ARTS INCLUDED HERE!

As part of the centennial exhibit "Renaissance People In A Renaissance Town ~ celebrating 100 Years of Creativity in Penticton", the Penticton Museum and Archives will be a galleria location included in the South Okanagan Open Studio Tours coordinated and advertised by the Okanagan Arts Magazine and Arts Council of the Central Okanagan in Kelowna.

These South Okanagan Open Studio days will be 10 AM-5 PM Friday and Saturday July 25, 26 in the courtyard, museum gallery, (and possibly auditorium, am checking availability).
The intention of this event is to share in and inspire the expression of Creativity and the Creative Spirit. By sharing in this way we can assist to develop the understanding and appreciation of the creative process, the artist's life-style and the creative energy that sparks the life-force within each/all of us human-beings.
This opportunity is open to artists and creators of the South Okanagan working in all genres at all stages of development - emerging to professional (potters, sculptors, sketchers, painters, writers, dancers, actors, musicians) who like to work in the public eye. It is an event for creators and artists to share their creative process and their work. All types of expression are invited to participate throughout both days. There is no charge for your participation and there will be opportunity to sell and promote your work as well. Participants in these studio days will also have an opportunity to be included in a South Okanagan Similkameen Arts/Cultural Resource Directory slated for production and printing later this year.
If you are interested, please let us know what times in the two days work for you, and what type of expression you would like to share - from half day to full day to both days.
Once we have a sense of the level of interest, we will develop the overall schedule, space availability and locations for individual participants.
Please send an email message of your interest to this address as soon as possible and not later than Friday July 11.
In addition to this opportunity, there are other ways for Penticton artists to participate in this exhibit, please contact us at OSA to learn more. 
celebrating creativity all-ways
Ms. Samarpan Faasse
Executive Director, Okanagan School Of the Arts
"Assisting the Awakening & Expression Of The Creative Spirit"
Box 22037, 6-220 Manor Park Avenue, Penticton BC V2A 8L1

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For more painting information: angiemcintosh@shaw.ca (250 809-7932)
SS Sicamous on Okanagan Beach
Kite Sailers on Skaha
Historic Building on Front St.
Children on 21 Ft. Hobie Cat on Skaha
Sunset over Skaha Marina