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Check out the Blog of my latest fantastic journey to China in Spring of 2011
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Angie's paintings of China

Join Canadian watercolorist, Angie Roth McIntosh on this online journey for a trip of a life time!  Suitable for artists looking for inspiration as well as cultural travelers wishing to see the highlights of some of the most beautiful locations in China, journey from Shanghai to Zhouzhaung, the Venice of China.  Visit Suzhou, the Garden city, and then travel to Guilin where you can wake up and see the morning tai chi classes on the boulevard along the lovely Li River. Walk across the street and climb Fubo Mountain and see locations where artists paint the lovely parks and caves.  Travel to the Misty Village resort set in the middle of the peaceful rice fields at Crown Cave village and marvel at the view artist Angie McIntosh has painted and explore the caves.  Relax in the charming village of Yangshuao where you will love the sidewalk cafes, you can boat on the Li River to explore the magnificence of the karst mountains of the regions, and journey to  peaceful country villages.  Join artist, McIntosh as she travels to Beijing and amaze at the splendor of the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.  Enjoy a traditional Peking Opera and where she painted the Great Wall.
Artist Angie McIntosh travelled to China in 1987  when she toured the country for a month with a group out of the Chinese Cultural Center in Vancouver and then stayed her own to study  with renowned artists  from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing 1987 for three months.  She returned in 2000 on her own to organize her artists' trip and meet with Professor Tommy Wu and then returned to China in 2002 twice and has placed more wonderful photo tours of these later trips online.  Please check for updates.  To see the 2002 pictures click here.

All of my travel to China was arranged through CITS--the ChinaInternationalTravelService-Guilin  was organized by my dear friend in Guilin Victor Shu. They are one of the oldest tour and travel companies in China. I would highly recommend using them to make travel arrangements online if you wish to follow the journey that I took there in 200, 2002, 2010 and 2011. It is quite simple to make all of your travel plans with them over the internet. Please contact Candy Wei at CITS in Guilin as she was wonderful at organizing my latest fabulous trips to China as Victor is now the head of the agency.  You may reach Candy HERE.  Please don't forget to tell her that Angie sent you and you will get fantastic service through out your journey!

China Art Tour 2000
Click on the Boat to Journey to China in 2000


Come and see the wonderful original watercolor paintings of Canadian artist, Angie Roth McIntosh.  There are French pots of flowers, weathered  European plaster, luscious Mexican still lives, delicate Canadian landscapes, amazing Chinese scenery, and many more inspiring world scenes.   Come back often and check for more armchair visits to France, Mexico, and China.  Check out our map and go on a tour of the world through McIntosh's and the art of artists from around the globe with a click of your mouse as the website develops.  Enjoy the photo gallery of pictures from many of these painter inspiring sites around the world when you view pictures of the beautiful places Angie has been to paint.  Later you will see what an artist's painting trip is like by visiting McIntosh's painter's sketchbook from her trip to southern France.  Artists please submit your favorite Plein Air painting sites around the world to our list and map.    These are places that ANYBODY,  whether you are a painter or not,  would want to visit.  Artists, submit stories about  your most inspiring teachers! Be a part of our World Wide Art Tour and submit pictures of your favorite painting workshops along with pictures of the paintings you did then and on other journeys.  At WorldArtTours.net soon you will also find links to workshops and local, regional, national, and international art groups.  If you like my site how would you like to have your website linked to here or how would you like a page at  www.WorldArtTours.com?  If you are an artist, worldly traveler, or just an armchair tourist please let me know what you think.  

              Mexican Fruit and still life             teapot           Mexican White Chair

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