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Murray in the fieldMurray A. Roed was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, and grew up in the farming community of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Murray holds a PhD degree in Geology from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He has been a geological and engineering consultant for 35 years, and is one of the authors of popular and “best seller” books on “Geology of the Kelowna Area, and Origin of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia”, and “Okanagan Geology, British Columbia”. Murray and others are presently working on a new book focusing specifically on the South Okanagan which will feature the many interesting geological highlights of that area.  Any one wishing to assist in the backing of this book is invited to contact Dr. Roed as the funds from the book will be used in a scholarship fund for students at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus as are the profits from the first books. In addition, Dr. Roed has published over fifty scientific articles on subjects ranging from mineral and oil exploration to many aspects of engineering geology. He has always strived to foster a better understanding of geology to the general public. His principle expertise is terrain science that involves mapping landforms and determining their origin, geologic history, engineering capabilities and constraints. Consulting work has been focused in all Canadian Provinces, Territories and the Arctic, but includes an interval in Australia. Since 1996 he has visited the Cayman Islands frequently where he completed research for a new book “Islands from the Sea, Geologic Stories of Cayman”, published by the Cayman Free Press in 2006, available from Sandhill Book Marketing in Kelowna (phone (250) 491-1446).

Murray began to paint a series of landscapes based on his travels in 2000, and has had a number of public showings. The Cayman book and the recent Okanagan book include some of his paintings; more can be viewed on his website . In addition, he has given numerous talks and field trips on various aspects of geology and his art for various clubs, the media, and a numMurray Roed at McIntyre Creekber of schools in the Okanagan Valley. He is also an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA).  Murray paints in an acrylic medium and focuses on landscapes with a strong environmental and historic theme, bringing to life dramatic moments in the evolution of the land in which we live.

Murray has lived and worked in the Okanagan Valley for 29 years, but has consulted on various projects here since 1971. He presently resides in Kelowna with his wife Debra.  They have five children and three grandchildren. His studio and gallery is at 4890 Westridge Drive, Kelowna, BC, V1W 3A1, Phone (250) 764-2600, E-mail: .

Dr. Roed also gives very popular  Geological Highlights Tours of the Okanagan for the Meadowlark Festival.  In 2010, Murray and Festival artist Angie Roth McIntosh will be the featured artists at the Meadowlark exhibit at the Penticton Art Gallery  entitled "Landscapes and Habitats of the Okanagan" opening on May 21st at 7 pm and running until Mid June.   Click here to see the poster for the show.

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Some Paintings by Murray Roed
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Murray Roed painting of McIntyre bluff
Murray Roed Painting of canyon
Canyon painting by Murray Roed
Murray Roed painting of pinnacles Boucherie Cliffs

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